The Down and Dirty of SEO for Newbies

imagesInternet marketers who are new to the industry often have a great deal wrapping their minds around the concept of search engine optimization. This is partly because SEO is always changing. The Internet is in a constant state of flux. To some it can seem like an endless cycle of learning and un-learning new SEO guidelines and tactics. Yes, there are constant shifts and changes when it comes to SEO but a few things have never changed. Mastering these few things can help you make your SEO efforts wildly successful.

Your SEO requires one vital resource in order to be successful: time. You aren’t going to see a huge raise in page rank overnight. You’ll begin to notice small increases in page rank after you’ve implemented various techniques and allowed a little time to pass. Patience, above all else, is a key ingredient for successful SEO. Just keep plugging away to create positive SEO practices and the results will start to appear. It might be hard to wait but the results are worth it.

SEO isn’t the only aspect of your business that needs your time and attention. It isn’t all about SEO and the sooner you devote time and attention to building websites, forging social relationships, and writing attention-grabbing, results-getting calls to action the better your business is going to be. It’s ultimately not about getting more traffic. It’s about making more sales. SEO is only one small part of the process. You’d do well to keep that in mind. Don’t think it’s unimportant; it’s just not everything.

Avoid the temptation to obsess over your page rank. Instead, devote your time, energy, and effort to building better relationships. By doing this, you can increase your page rank by default rather than by design. If you’re too busy checking to see what your current page rank may be in hopes of more money in the future, you’re missing out on potential relationships you could be building that will put money in your pocket today. It’s also wise to understand that these numbers aren’t likely to change in a few minutes’ time. You only really need to check once a week to keep up with your page rank and this frees up a good deal of your time to devote to building those important relationships.

When you first delve into the world of SEO, there are plenty of matters you need to think of. Many people think of SEO as something to be feared but with a little dedication and hard work you’ll soon be able to master it and rank your sites highly. The suggestions in this article will help you get going. It won’t be long before you discover even more information to keep you heading in the right direction.

Keyword Research

This is my unvarnished review of Brad Callen’s “Keyword Elite”. XXBR2 Many people, who are making a good living on the internet, are using Keyword Elite for their critical keyword research. XXBR2 Personally, I have used SEO Elite, Keyword Elite and am, at this time, trying Brad Callen’s brand new product, “Affiliate Elite”. I have found them all perfect for my needs. XXBR2 Why? Because they all work, for me! XXBR2 As you are well aware, there is so much BS surrounding most products promoted on the internet and a goodly number of their sales pages appear almost as long as the epic “War and Peace”, but Brad Callen always over-delivers on his super products and they well worth their highesh price. Backup has always been great, so if you’re stuck, help is soon on its way to you. XXBR2 Basically, Keyword Elite lists five categories. Let’s go through them one at a time and give you a very brief assessment of their points. XXBR2 1. Create A keyword List XXBR1 2. Analyze Pay Per Click Listing XXBR1 3. Select A Keyword List XXBR1 4. Analyze Keyword Competition XXBR1 5 Spy On Adwords Competition XXBR2 Project 1 – Create a keyword list: If you need a large keyword list, Keyword Elite makes it easy. Simply enter a primary keyword, or phrase and choose the search engines. Keyword Elite will generate a keyword list, varying in size from 100 to 10,000 keywords, from Google, Yahoo, Meta Tags. Plus misspellings, if you wish to include them. WordTracker, or Keyword Discovery, may also be searched, if you have an account with either. Or both. XXBR2 A word of warning A very large list, such as 10,000 takes time to generate. Can take a day, or two. This was included to prevent you from being banned, by spacing the queries, as abuse of automatic keyword mining has spoiled it for others. Don’t let it bother you at all, as you don’t have to twiddle your thumbs until the end before starting work on your masterpiece. XXBR2 Project 2 – Analyze pay-per-click listings: Also very intuitive. Just pop in your keywords, then find the most suitable of the search engines. Again, results may take a little while. While waiting, go into Report View and workyour little tail off there. Take a look at: Searches, KEI, Total results and searches, cost of Adwords clicks. Campaign numbers Adwords, Enhance, Miva and Yahoo. Much more there. XXBR2 Project 3 – Select a keyword list: Saves a lot of time. Really a dictionary of phrases and keywords. 40,000, plus, lists will appear for you. Keyword Elite will format your keywords for broad, phrase and exact matches. XXBR2 Project 4 – Analyze keyword competition: Keyword Elite shows keyword information for the top 10 sites. Great to find potential partner web sites. XXBR2 Project 5 – Spy on AdWords competition: Another innovative way to makemore money from your PPC campaigns. Find the top advertisers and rework their advertisements. XXBR2 In Keyword Elite, you can easily transfer your gleanings, from one project to another. This, of course, saves you even more time. XXBR2 This review has, of necessity, been brief. You will find more, really exciting details about Keyword Elite, including five great step-by-step videos, showing you how it all melds, by following the links in the Author’s Details, below. XXBR2 Cheers, XXBR2 Ray Cunningham. XXBR2

The Keyword Research

Starting any Marketing campaign is useless if you don’t do the proper marketing research. Don’t waste time trying to create a market when you can market to one that already exists. Google Adwords Keyword tool costs nothing and out performs any tool on the market. XXBR2 The key mistake made by most unsuccessful marketers is the lack of, abuse of or improper use of keywords in their articles, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and on their landing pages. If the keywords in your PPC campaigns, don’t rank well, don’t match your product, and are not relevant to your landing page you may end up with less than successful marketing results. XXBR1 XXBR1 Keywords: words and or phrases that search engines record when users do a search. The more a keyword or phrase has been searched on is the first indication of its quality. XXBR2 It’s important that you comprehend the value and how to properly use keywords and phrases in marketing and how it relates to not only finding a market but also products relevant to that market. XXBR2 There are hundreds maybe thousands of products on the market that claim to give you the ideal keyword and keyword phrases in any market. XXBR2 Please create a Google account if you already have not. XXBR2 Since 80% of the worlds Keyword Traffic goes through Google it’s a no brainer to use the Google keyword suggestion tool. XXBR2 Go to: []. XXBR1 XXBR2 Select “descriptive words or phrases” on the left, XXBR2 check “use synonyms” in the center XXBR2 type the word “stress” in the box above. XXBR2 type in the correct security letters XXBR2 click “Get keyword ideas”. XXBR2 XXBR1 “Approximate search volume” shows how many times your keyword or phrase was searched on for the previous month. This information sometimes runs in line with the “Approximate average search volume” which shows the searches for the last 12 months. “Advertiser competition” means just that, how many websites are using these keywords or phrases. XXBR2 It’s not uncommon to find a keyword or phrase with high search volume and low competition. Finding these type of keywords can be the start to a Successful Marketing campaign. On the other hand, if done correctly you can successfully compete using a highly competitive list of keywords. XXBR2 To view how Google rates your competition, go to: and type “stress” in the Google search bar. At the time I wrote this article was second in the list of websites competing for the keyword “stress”. The PPC ads under the “sponsored links” section on the right (PPC) shows you what stress related products others are offering to this market (this is a second indication of a quality keyword). Go back to the Google Keyword Tool and choose “website content” on the left and place [] in the appropriate field then choose “Get keyword ideas”. XXBR2 This shows you the “Keywords related to stress…” in the website The keywords are abundant and cover many of the topics related to stress which is why Google places this site in the top of its search engine ranking for the keyword “stress”. XXBR2 Looking at this information gives you an idea of: XXBR2 how to structure your website using similar keywords and phrases XXBR2 The high keyword phrases such as “stress management” gives you ideas on marketing campaigns XXBR2 Article content for articles to post on ezines XXBR2 Landing page content. XXBR2 ebook subjects. XXBR1 XXBR1 PPC keyword phrases to use XXBR2 Blog content XXBR2 XXBR1 If you’re using PPC ads to get signups to your email list then using Keywords in your ads that are related to your market are top priority. For example: If your Landing Page is promoting stress reduction techniques (among other keywords related to stress); you PPC ad could read: XXBR2 Learn Stress Reduction XXBR1 Practical techniques that promote XXBR1 Stress Reduction, No Cost Report. XXBR2 You already know that stress reduction is a favorably searched on keyword phrase. It is obvious that those whoever click on your ad will only be interested in reducing stress. This is how you create targeted op-in email list subscribers. You can do the same thing with articles you write and submit to ezines. XXBR2 I’ve just given you a grass roots Internet Marketing strategy that’ll allow you to find profitable markets. This isn’t the “end all be all” but it is a solid foundation which allows you to grasp how some of the top on the web marketers create opt in email lists with thousands of subscribers, make a decision on what to market and how to create an Internet Marketing Product for their market. XXBR2 Ideal regards, XXBR1 Will XXBR2

Keyword Research

Businesses have been part of our lives from perhaps the inception of society. Everyday we see businesses that offer products and services for just about anything and everything, from those selling practical home tools to those catering to the luxury of pampering your pets. Today, indeed, I could not think of what I would need that I would not find being offered by a business somewhere. And oftentimes, a particular good or service is even offered by numerous competing businesses, leaving you the burden of choosing which you would like to cater to. XXBR2 The Internet is what many would call the hot media today and rightly so. Everyday, millions of people use the Internet for a variety of purposes, whether to search for a school assignment or to look for fun videos to watch while passing the time. This is perhaps the main reason why the businesses all over the world are also turning to the Internet for the advertisement and the selling of their products. Today we may be very acquainted with the fact that we can order almost anything, from food to clothing, through the Internet. XXBR2 We see a lot of advertisements for different goods and products through the Internet. Many people visit the Internet everyday nowadays, so it is only natural for businesses and other organizations that seek to reach out to a lot of people to respond to it by seeing it as an opportunity and a tool where much selling, advertisement and information letting can be done. Of course, when a person connects to the Internet, he or she will try to find what he or she is looking for through connecting to a search engine and typing in keywords that is associated with what one is looking for. Because of this nature of information gathering, business and other organizations research on keywords often used, and cater to keyword research tools. XXBR2 The nature and importance of keyword research. XXBR1 When you need to find something on the Internet, but you are not sure what website to visit or type in the URL, you often go to a search engine like Google or Yahoo and type in the keywords you think will yield the sites for your purpose. In typing in a keyword, people mostly use those that they are frequently acquainted with, or are most common to them in relation to the particular service, good or information they seek. This is what keyword research hopes to find out. XXBR2 A keyword research is important, particularly for businesses and organizations that seek the response of the millions who visit the Internet. Keyword research wants to know what keywords to use that will ensure that their sites will be one of the ones that will pop out when a person searches for a particular good, service or information that a site offers. XXBR2 Keyword research tool: the tool towards effective keyword research. XXBR1 This is one of the ways that is used in keyword research. In fact, a lot believe that a keyword research tool can pave the way towards effective keyword research. Keyword research hopes to yield what keywords are most commonly used, and which to target using. A keyword research tool can help you do this. This tool can provide details about a particular keyword, like how often it is used and searched for everyday. With a good keyword tool, it can also show a comprehensive statistical data on the searches for a keyword, whether they are daily, weekly or monthly. It can even show the competitive aspect of a keyword. XXBR2 A keyword research tool can truly help in making the best keyword targets. There are free keywords research tools available in the Internet, but if you wish to have something more complete, there are keyword software programs available for purchase. XXBR2