The Down and Dirty of SEO for Newbies

imagesInternet marketers who are new to the industry often have a great deal wrapping their minds around the concept of search engine optimization. This is partly because SEO is always changing. The Internet is in a constant state of flux. To some it can seem like an endless cycle of learning and un-learning new SEO guidelines and tactics. Yes, there are constant shifts and changes when it comes to SEO but a few things have never changed. Mastering these few things can help you make your SEO efforts wildly successful.

Your SEO requires one vital resource in order to be successful: time. You aren’t going to see a huge raise in page rank overnight. You’ll begin to notice small increases in page rank after you’ve implemented various techniques and allowed a little time to pass. Patience, above all else, is a key ingredient for successful SEO. Just keep plugging away to create positive SEO practices and the results will start to appear. It might be hard to wait but the results are worth it.

SEO isn’t the only aspect of your business that needs your time and attention. It isn’t all about SEO and the sooner you devote time and attention to building websites, forging social relationships, and writing attention-grabbing, results-getting calls to action the better your business is going to be. It’s ultimately not about getting more traffic. It’s about making more sales. SEO is only one small part of the process. You’d do well to keep that in mind. Don’t think it’s unimportant; it’s just not everything.

Avoid the temptation to obsess over your page rank. Instead, devote your time, energy, and effort to building better relationships. By doing this, you can increase your page rank by default rather than by design. If you’re too busy checking to see what your current page rank may be in hopes of more money in the future, you’re missing out on potential relationships you could be building that will put money in your pocket today. It’s also wise to understand that these numbers aren’t likely to change in a few minutes’ time. You only really need to check once a week to keep up with your page rank and this frees up a good deal of your time to devote to building those important relationships.

When you first delve into the world of SEO, there are plenty of matters you need to think of. Many people think of SEO as something to be feared but with a little dedication and hard work you’ll soon be able to master it and rank your sites highly. The suggestions in this article will help you get going. It won’t be long before you discover even more information to keep you heading in the right direction.

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Google Keyword Research

Importance of the right keywords

One can never underestimate the power of having the right keywords to drive traffic to ones website. It can commonly mean the difference between luck and failure. The best keywords are usually the right combination of words to create a phrase. And this is usually the term people search most often. Why is having the right set of keywords crucial? Because it is what is going to determine the influx of targeted traffic to your website. Therefore it increases chances of sales and also better search engine ranking.

Identify niche target audience

Today everyone is jumping on the ‘specialization’ bandwagon. It is no longer a yardstick of competitive edge if you’re targeting a generalized audience. Therefore, once you have identified the niche segment you are catering to, you need to focus on appropriate SEO and keyword research.

Keyword research: Not Much Ado About Nothing

When talking about keyword research, there is much more to it than meets the eye. It is far more complex than knowing which terms are most popularly searched by users. Out of the millions of websites that compete with you, 90% of them are going to have the same set of keywords you will use for your site. Is that a smart idea? Not really. Not when you’re a small name in the industry and want to stand out from the crowd. What will help is not to choose keywords that are very competitive. You need to choose keywords that have not been overused although that signals less traffic, it is far better than no sales at all. That is the primary reason most organizations are investing in advanced keyword research tools like Google AdWords etc.

How to do keyword research: Google Adwords

Google has brought out one of the best keyword research tools available today the Adwords. This tool helps users to identify exact keywords that will propel targeted traffic to their websites. It is powerful, simple to use and very effective. It is aimed at directing targeted traffic to your website.

Keyword tool

Google AdWords has a keyword tool where one can enter one or more keywords or phrases, and then they can obtain many more such synonymous keywords which are not overused. The keyword tool has several options like the keyword search volume, cost and advertisement position estimates, search volume trends and possible negative keywords, all of which can help to figure out various aspects of a set of keywords.

Keyword suggestion tool

This is a more recent feature introduced by Google Adwords. In this tool one can list keywords or sort them out based on priority, popularity etc. One can also manipulate keywords by adding one or two keywords or even a bunch of them. Linking may be done to the website and it guarantees traffic to your website.

Broad match, exact match and phrase match

Broad match refers to the set of keywords used initially to arrive at a broad based search result. These would not be very specific to the product or service your website might be offering, but they are inclusive of these. Phrase match refers to a group of keywords resulting in a phrase that is typically searched for. As time progresses, one can refine the keywords more and more by analyzing the search logs of the website. Exact match refers to the exact et of keywords users will search for. These usually result in the highest influx of targeted traffic and are the ones most likely to get sales.

#1 for mostly all one?

While doing keyword research, it is also important to ascertain the ranking and priority for each keyword. While some require to be at the number 1 ranking in a search engine, others could do well with even a 3rd or 4th ranking. However this is more of a strategic business decision and needs careful thought and consideration.

Search volume need not guarantee sales

Most people make the mistake of thinking that the number of searches made on a keyword will result in more targeted traffic which in turn implies more sales. That is quite a misconception. What really determines sales, is actually the conversion rate or ratio. A set of keywords may not be exactly pertaining to what your product offers but if it’s conversion rate is more, this is what will fetch you more profit.

What Are Nofollow Links

NoFollow is an HTML characteristic inside a link, which advises search engines not to make use of the link to influence the link target’s search engine position. It is meant to lessen the usefulness of certain types of search engine spam, enhancing the high quality of search engine results in the process.

The original function of NoFollow was to cease comment spam on websites. Just what is comment spam? Comments posted for the sole purpose of establishing an outbound link in order to inflate PageRank or promote commercial services, automated by web bots. They are quickly recognizable because they often consist of non sequiturs, self-contradictions, and/or comments entirely unrelated to the original subject, not to mention countless spelling and grammatical mistakes. And they constantly include a link. A typical post might be “I disagree with any points, yet think your post is really terrific.” Any type of web application which accepts and displays links submitted by website visitors is a prospective target.

The proliferation of comment spam had indeed become a systemic problem on blog sites, wikis, guestbooks, and additional publicly easily accessible discussion boards. In any locations, it was difficult to hold a coherent discussion because so much spam was being posted. And while there had actually been countless attempts to fight the problem (such as CAPTCHA validation, preventing certain keywords, disallowing consecutive submissions, or disallowing links completely), none of the solutions accessible at the time were making a substantial difference. So in early 2005 Google’s Matt Cutts and’s Jason Shellen created the NoFollow attribute to attend to the situation.

NoFollow advises search engines “do not make use of this link to influence PageRank,” which practically transformed blog comment spots over night. 4 years later, it is still possible to find opinion spam, yet it’s less than one percent the issue it used to be.

Just what NoFollow does not do: it can not prevent access to material, or protect against content from being indexed by search engines. (This functionality can be offered by other methods, such as the Robots Exclusion Standard.)

In addition, individual search engines translate the usage of NoFollow in different ways. Google (who participated in the design of NoFollow to begin with) will not make use of the link for ranking or index the “linked to” web page, and will certainly not display the link or pass anchor wording to search results unless the web page has indeed currently been indexed. Bing behaves virtually identically, yet will certainly constantly feature the links. Yahoo! will not use the link for ranking functions, but will certainly always index connected pages, show links, and pass anchor wording to search outcomes. ignores the NoFollow characteristic entirely.

So just what are DoFollow links, then? It’s an internet slang term, which simply means a link is not using the NoFollow characteristic, and are able to therefore be used to provide PageRank power.

Best Seo For For Youtube Videos

You will find that there are several different methods or strategies when it comes to optimizing for Youtube sources. For the folks that already have established videos, audios, and websites on Youtube, you may want to consider enhancing your viewing power, especially if you’re using it to promote your online business.

One method used in optimizing for Youtube resources is to create a channel where there’s a direct link to your video itself. Give your channel a catchy name that relates to the topic of your content. You now want to spread the word about your video or audio content. To do this, hit every person on your friend list and join any community chat and blogging forums. Share details about what they can expect and be creative enough to draw them in. You are looking for subscribers to your channel- the more subscribers, the more clout and higher on the video ranking list you will climb.

Create articles to be submitted to your webpage and article directories with attached back links directly to your video source. Ensure the articles are keyword rich or in SEO format to make certain search engines recognize them as a reliable source of information. Tagging parts of the articles could prove to be helpful as well. Be sure to follow search engine requirements or your article listing will never see the light of day.

Anther method used when optimizing for Youtube is hiring an outside specialist to generate the kind of traffic you want to draw to the video. This could turn out to be a costly investment, but since using Youtube as a traffic generator and promotion source is free, you may not mind spending the cash. They will complete all the methods above, plus additional steps will be taken to make certain traffic or increased marketing for your online business.